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What to see in Marina di Ragusa?

Sicily is a wonderful island, well known most of all for its crystal clear sea and its huge sandy golden beaches. Kilometers of coast, from north to south, Sicily needs to be visited everywhere: Palermo, Messina, Catania, Agrigento, Siracusa and of course Ragusa.

are you really sure you know Sicily by focusing only on the sea? The visitor who chooses Sicily as a destination for his holidays goes away with An unique experience. He admired the sea, discovered the natural landscapes, knew monuments, churches, towers and castles, tasted the typical dishes.

For those who have not yet visited, we recommend Marina di Ragusa.

Marina di Ragusa, in the province of Ragusa, is located in the south-east of Sicily and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is a renowned seaside destination famous for its crystal clear sea and golden beaches.

In addition to its sea, we recommend you to visit Marina di Ragusa for various reasons related to history, nature and food and wine culture.

So, what to see in Marina di Ragusa?

Torre Cabrera

Torre Cabrera is a defense tower built in the sixteenth century as a protective barrier of Marina di Ragusa. Also known as Torre Mazzarelli, is located in front of the sea on the Lungomare Andrea Doria. His designer and builder was Camillo Camilliani who, under the command of the Sicilian governors, erected a tower designed to protect Marina di Ragusa from Turkish invasions.

The Marina

The Marina is the landing place for tourist boats coming from the Mediterranean Sea and can accommodate small boats and large yachts with up to 7000 berths. Over the years it has become a real attraction for visitors and tourists who want to take a walk, have a drink or go shopping in the various shops.

Nature Reserve of the Irminio River

The Irminio River Nature Reserve is a natural reserve located in the municipalities of Ragusa and Scicli. In Marina di Ragusa it is possible to admire part of the reserve. The Irminio River Natural Reserve has a rich heritage of flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean. During the walk you will encounter flocks of birds, gulls, agave plants, dwarf palms and thyme.

Cava Randello natural reserve

The Cava Randello Nature Reserve is a protected area located between Punta Braccetto and Scoglitti, about 15 kilometers from Marina di Ragusa. The reserve is characterized by a beautiful beach of fine sand and clear sea and surrounded by a large pine forest. Inside you can find an area equipped with tables, bathrooms and showers and nearby you can park your vehicles.

Archaeological Park of Caucana

Lovers of history and archeology should not miss a visit to the archaeological park of Caucana. The park is located in Caucana, a seaside village a few kilometers from Marina di Ragusa and has the ruins of a settlement of the late ancient era (IV and V d.C.) consisting of a little less than thirty buildings, including old houses, churches and necropolises.

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