Forest of Irminio river: where land and sea meet

The forest of river Irminio is a Sicilian place that lays between the municipalities of Ragusa and Scicli and takes about 130 hectares of land, up to the Mediterranean sea. Its particularity is the constantly changing aspect due to the dunes moved by the wind. It is a nature reserve of recent origins. The Region recognized it only in 1985 and its name is due to the Irminio river that crosses it.

Forest of Irminio river: at to see and how to get there

Visiting the forest of Irminio river, will give you the chance to observe the rich flora that characterizes the territory. Inland, you will find the typical Mediterranean vegetation made up of juniper, mastic and other species.

On the banks of the river, however, the forest that consists mainly of poplars and eucalyptus trees grows.

The history of the Irminio river is full of charm and legends: it is said that the god Mercury lived there! What is certain is that in ancient times it was used as a harbour by boats that wanted to go inland to make provisions.

The harbour, which must have been very busy at the time, has disappeared over the years, due to the continuous deforestation and the sand. But the forest of the Irminio River still has the charm of that time and the coast has not been affected by man.

During a walk in the Forest of Irminio river it is also possible to dive into a fauna made mainly by migratory birds. These birds use the reserve as a "pit stop" on long migratory flights from Africa to Europe, and vice versa.

And don’t be surprised if along the river you will see a nutria that looks at you curiously: the reserve welcomes a considerable number of them!

To reach the Forest of Irminio river by car or bus, the easiest way is to go through Marina di Ragusa, which is only 10 minutes away. From here, you will find all the necessary information.

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