Scicli: a wonderful holiday between sea and culture!

Scicli is a wonderful Sicilian city that rises in the Val di Noto and extends from the S. Matteo, Rosary and  Cross hills, down to the sea. It is located in the province of Ragusa, in a territory famous both in Italy and in the world for its seaside and artistic beauties. The town is also known for hosting the filming of the series "Il Commissario di Montalbano", taken from the homonymous book by master Andrea Camilleri.

Sciclli: monuments, events and food tradition

Scicli was built in a typical Baroque style and its origins date back to the Byzantine era, even if the city was completely rebuilt after the earthquake of the late 1600s.

Visiting Scicli means giving yourself a full immersion of art, culture and tradition, among monuments and squares which are full of colors.

The city is divided into two main quarries. In the first we find the Church of San Bartolomeo, with its bright white marble and "set" between two rocks that make the view of the building extremely suggestive.

The other quarry hosts the second of the most important monuments of Scicli: the Church of Santa Maria La Nova. The square in front of the church is now home to the main festivals of the town, such as the Feast of Joy and the Feast of the Risen Christ at Easter, with the procession of the saint.

During your holidays in Scicli, do not forget to take a trip to via Francesco Mormino Penna, home of the Palazzo del Municipio (municipality palace): don't you think you've already seen it? Well, we are talking about nothing less than the headquarters of the police station in the Montalbano TV series!

For all the fans of this fiction, it will be possible to visit all the rooms of the building. On leaving the palace, you will find several baars serving you the two main typical products of Scicli: the savory stuffed focaccia called scacce, and the iadduzzi, biscuits filled with apple and cinnamon and covered with icing.

How to get to Scicli? It is very simple: the city is located just 25 km from Ragusa. Arriving here, you will have to follow the signs for Scicli, if you are driving a car. Those arriving by plane or train can take one of the many direct connections.

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