Ragusa: the southest city in Italy!

Ragusa is located in the Val di Noto, in the south-east of Sicily, and for its architectural beauty, in 2002 it has been awarded with UNESCO world heritage site. Involved in the 1693 earthquake, in which more than five thousand people lost their lives, the city has undergone an intense restoration that has made it even more fascinating! In fact, the location seems to be a great museum of Greek, Roman and Baroque culture, immersed in an atmosphere that overwhelmes you with emotions.

Ragusa: what to see in the city of bridges

Ragusa is divided into two areas: the modern part and the historic center. The city tour can start from the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, a typical example of Baroque style. The patron saint of the city is celebrated at the end of August in a sequence of religious and folkloristic performances that represent the soul of Ragusa.

Ragusa is also called "the city of bridges", due to the presence of three historic bridges that cross it, characterized by surprising architectural differences. We are talking about Ponte Vecchio, Ponte Nuovo and Ponte Giovanni XXIII, recently used as a set for many scenes of the famous tv series Il Commissario Montalbano. This  fiction made this city even more famous.

If you are history lovers, dedicate a few hours to the Ibleo Archaeological Museum, where you can admire the ancient ruins of Greek and Roman domination.

The city of Ragusa is also well known for a type of art that differs greatly from those mentioned up to here: the murals! Much of the modern city is covered in it! Not surprisingly, in September, Ragusa hosts the Festiwall.

The most famous artists from all over the world participate in this event to give life to their works on the walls of the city, which over the years has turned into an open-air museum. In this period there are numerous booths with Ragusan food specialties in the streets. Among the typical products of Ragusa we point out the scacce and a particular type of provola.

To reach Ragusa it is possible totravel by plane to the airports of Catania and Comiso: from here, many buses take you directly to the city. To visit the old part, there are special parking spaces to leave your car if necessary.

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Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Patrimonio Unesco


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site