Marina di Ragusa

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Marina di Ragusa is a seaside town of Ragusa, whose current name does not reflect the original one, in fact, until 1926 it was known as Mazzarelli, deriving from the Arabic "Marsa A Rillah" ie small landing.

Marina di Ragusa is a small center dedicated to fishing with a marina and a tower (Cabrera) built for defensive purposes.

Towards the end of the late nineteenth century, it began to grow through trade and export of pitch stone and other local products.

The development and economic welfare of the small town, is realized by exploiting what the area has to offer such as a long beach of fine golden sand and a clear blue sea, enough to earn the title of a blue flag beach.

The main attraction of Marina di Ragusa is its tourism and that's why you can find several structures designed for any type of tourist and a beautiful and modern marina.

The village boasts two long boardwalks (promenades) one is exclusively for pedestrians only and the other restricted to pedestrians, where you can walk, ride a bike, go shopping or just sit and lookout at the sea with its thousands of lights reflecting on the waters.

There are varied choice of bars, pizzerias and restaurants where you can taste all the local food and wine.

Another feature is Via Tindari with its venues where you can enjoy cocktails and spend evenings in an atmosphere of pure relaxation and fun.


Our beaches


Our beaches


Our beaches


Our beaches


Our beaches