Cava Randello: discovering the secrets of the coast

Cava Randello is a real nature reserve that stands by the sea! The town is located halfway between Punta Secca and Marina di Ragusa. The reserve includes a long strip of sand protected by a pine forest: a truly suggestive landscape, between dunes and unspoiled nature.

Cava Randello: all the place’s features

Cava Randello covers approximately 156 hectares. Due to the incredible beauty of this unspoiled place, there is still a big political dispute in the Municipality. In fact, the Reserve has not yet been recognized as a protected area.

The characteristic feature of Cava Randello lays mainly in the type of vegetation in the area. Here, in fact, it is possible to find numerous species of trees, such as pines, oaks or even the beautiful myrtle trees.

The Reserve is crossed by two rivers: the Rifriscolaro and the Oani, which are bordered by reeds on both sides. The beauty of the location is also historical. Inside you can see numerous ruins of the necropolises of the archaeological area of Kamarina.

For those who organize holidays in Cava Randello, the advice is bring a camera! In fact, you will have the opportunity to rebuild what was once the city that once stood in the reserve. Walking, it will not be difficult to see the streets, floors and even the houses that belonged to what, in the seventh century BC, was thought to be a harbour.

A dutiful mention goes to Randello beach, currently considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, for a specific reason. It is in fact an unspoilt strip of land, without factories and in total silence.

Those who pass by here will have behind their shoulders the fascinating pine forest, and  before the eyes, a crystal clear sea. All around, the kind of peace that only nature can give.

Cava Randello is certainly the right place to disconnect from the urban chaos, to breathe the scent of nature and the sea breeze blowing from the Mediterranean. Or even to have a pleasant family picnic outdoors, in peace.

The easiest way to reach Cava Randello Natural Reserve is by taking the SC25 from Marina di Ragusa, for about 15km. Alternatively, the town can be reached by bus from the nearby town of Santa Croce Camerina.

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