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A holiday between sea and culture: Marina di Ragusa and Ragusa

Are you planning your holiday and don't know which destination to choose? Are you still uncertain whether you prefer an Italian region, a European state or even an international one? Do you love the sea but do you also like to discover the history and culture of a place? Italy, from North to South, from West to East can offer a variety of options for all tastes and budgets.

Sicily could be ideal for a holiday between sea and culture, a holiday full of satisfaction, able to give you days of relaxation by the sea and dynamic days in the city. The tourist will discover a varied land.

For example, Ragusa is located in the south of Sicily. It is one of the nine Sicilian provinces and is nicknamed in many ways as "the city of bridges" (Ponte Vecchio, Ponte Nuovo, Ponte Papa Giovanni XXIII) or "the island in the island" for the particular historical past that distinguishes it from remaining main Sicilian cities. But what makes it famous all over the world is being one of the symbols of Sicilian baroque.

Walking through Ragusa you can admire churches and monuments dating back to the Baroque period, late Baroque and beyond. We advise you: San Giovanni Cathedral, Palazzo Zacco, Palazzo Bertini, Piazza Poste and Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Garofalo, Palazzo Schininà, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Libertà.

But this is not all. Ragusa in 1693 was totally destroyed by a violent earthquake and in its subsequent reconstruction was divided into two parts: upper Ragusa and lower Ragusa Ibla. The latter is a small jewel of Baroque art. Losing yourself among alleys and stairs you will see the Palazzo della Cancelleria (mid-eighteenth century), the Church of the Madonna dell'Itria (with its colorful bell tower covered with ceramic tiles of Caltagirone), Palazzo Cosentini, Church of Souls in Purgatory, Palazzo Sortino, the Cathedral of San Giorgio and the Giardino Ibleo (the gardens).

After this beautiful immersion in history and culture, 20 kilometers from Ragusa, you can dive into the sea of ​​Marina di Ragusa. For many years the seaside village of Marina di Ragusa has been nominated Blue Flag, recognition given to the tourist-bathing places that respect parameters such as the good quality of the water, the cleanliness of the beaches, the facilities offered to tourists. The beaches are wide and well equipped with bars, they all have golden and very fine sand and the sea is crystal clear. In addition, for the lovers of offshore trips, there are many centers offering boat rental service, inflatable boats, jet skis. If you love discovering new places

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