The Aleppo Pine Nature reserve: a trip between green and magic

The Aleppo Pine Nature Reserve lays on an area of 3000 hectares, between the municipalities of Vittoria, Comiso and Ragusa. The location is an ideal destination for lovers of outdoor excursions and for those who wish to observe the fauna that populates this corner of paradise. No doubt, the Reserve is one of those priceless treasures that belong to Sicily and Italy, among the places to visit at least once in a lifetime. There are 40 km of trails, all to be discovered.

The Aleppo Pine Nature Reserve: wat to see and how to get there

Visiting the Aleppo Pine Nature Reserve is a fascinating experience first of all because the territory that will welcome you is anything but monotonous. The last indigenous specimens of Pinus halepensis grow inside this immense forest, trees that can reach ten meters in height.

The Aleppo Pine, in particular, is made up of a reddish bark and thick foliage. You can recognize it immediately! In fact, these trees have a characteristic twisted appearance, due to the wind that, during their growth, creates truly bizarre shapes.

The Reserve, established in 1990, includes the whole territory of the final part of the Ippari river. In the past, the river was used to transport the trunks necessary to build boats or houses that stood at the mouth of the river, where the vegetation grew luxuriant.

Still today, part of that vegetation is in the reserve. It is the so-called low Mediterranean scrub, consisting for example of rosemary and gorse.

During a trip to the Aleppo Pine Nature Reserve you will also meet the Ophrys exaltata, a rare species of wild orchid that grows spontaneously here, in the midst of other species.

But that’s not all! The reserve is also populated by a well-nourished fauna! It is possible to meet numerous mammals, such as foxes, rabbits and hares. On the branches you can see goldfinches and the blackbirds.

In the background, the unmistakable verse of the hoopoe and, if you are lucky, you can observe one of the numerous species of snakes that live inside the park.

To reach the Pino d'Aleppo Nature Reserve, the easiest way to travel is the SP37, from Marina di Ragusa. Alternatively, always from the seaside, you can travel by the several buses that lead directly to the woods, one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Sicily.

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