Modica: the most pictoresque city in Sicily!

Modica is a city of about 50,000 people located in the province of Ragusa, from which it is 15 kilometers away. It is considered as one of the most picturesque cities in Sicily for a specific reason. Its structure, in fact, is characterized by an upper part (Modica Alta) and a lower part (Modica Bassa). In the upper part it is possible to admire the buildings carved from the mountain rock on which the city stands. Down, however, it is possible to walk along the famous Corso Umberto, the historic street of the city.

Modica: origins, monuments and traditions

Dominated for a long time by the Spanish, the imprint they left in the local dialect, architecture and even in the cuisine is still strong in Modica.

Crossed by two rivers, (now completely covered due to a series of floods), in ancient times Modica was characterized by bridges, then transformed into aqueducts.

The citadel stands around the ruins of the castle and the resulting view is quite picturesque. As mentioned, in fact, the houses are mostly carved in the rock.

The city offers many ideas for admiring Baroque art. The first example is the well-known Church of San Giorgio, patron saint of the city, with its marvelous facade built on the top of 250 steps. The feast in his honor takes place on the weekend after April 23 with a very special procession: the statue of the saint, in fact, is carried almost running through the city streets.

Among the monuments to be seen in Modica, the Church of San Pietro, with its famous staircase of the Apostles. San Pietro is the patron saint of the city and its festival attracts the local and nearby people every year, with the characteristic market full of colors and confectionery products.

Modica was also the birthplace of Salvatore Quasimodo. It is possible to visit the poet's house, hidden among the narrow streets of the city.

Walking in Modica, it is easy to be captured by the spectacular alternation between majestic buildings, such as Palazzo de Mercedari and Palazzo Grimaldi, and the labyrinth of alleys that have meant that UNESCO included the location among those considered World Heritage 'Humanity.

As already mentioned, the most touristic road of the city is Corso Umberto I. Here it is possible to find bars where you will be able to taste the famous Modica chocolate, a very impotant local product.

Modica is easily reachable by car, from Palermo and Messina, through the local highway. For those arriving from Catania, just follow the signs to Ragusa, along the 514 state road.

If you do not know where to stay when you want to visit Modica, on the website Sicilia Case Vacanze you can book the accommodation that best suits your needs. The advice is to stay overnight in Marina di Ragusa, a strategic location to visit all the most beautiful places in the territory of the Iblei Mountains.


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Unesco World Heritage Site


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