Militello in Val di Catania: the triumph of baroque style

Militello in Val di Catania is a Sicilian town of just over 7000 inhabitants. It is located an hour's drive from Catania, in the north of the Iblei Mountains and is part of the Val di Noto territory. Together with other surrounding locations, the town has been awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Militello in Val di Catania: all you need to know

Recent studies place the foundation of the city in the Romanesque era, about 200 BC. , when the soldiers   came here during the plague that had hit Syracuse. In fact, Militello in Latin means "land of soldiers".

Other researches hasve attributed the name of the city to the honey yellow color (militium tellus) of a local stone.

However, regardless of what the true origins of Militello in Val di Catania are, the town today represents a real masterpiece of the Baroque era.

An example is the Sanctuary Church of Santa Maria della Stella, with its decorations inside and outside the structure. The building stands on a wide staircase and has a facade full of carvings. There is a bell tower, while the interior consists of three naves.

Santa Maria della Stella is patron saint of Militello and is celebrated on 8 September with an impressive procession.

If holy places fascinate you, you will have a lot of choice in Militello! In fact, there are numerous churches that rise in the city, in an explosion of Baroque and medieval style in their facades and decorations.

Another pearl of Militello in Val di Catania is the large Monastery of San Benedetto, where the municipality is located today.

The reuins of the Barresi - Branciforte Castle are very suggestive, tey were a family that dominated Militello between 1500 and 1600 and to whom the geatest period of the city is attributed.

There are also many museums in Militello. Among these, it is definitely worth visiting the "Baldanza" art gallery and the Angelo Majorana municipal library.

Another patron of the city is San Salvatore which is celebrated on August 18th. However, like all the most beautiful Sicilian places, Militello also offers attractions all year round. For lovers of cooking events, in October the Mostarda and Prickly Pear Festival takes place, with the opportunity to taste the typical products of Militello in Val di Catania, such as hot mustard and marsala prickly pears.

To reach Militello in Val di Catania, the easiest route leads to Catania (by car, train, bus or plane). From here, you can follow the signs for the town, or take the direct connections.

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Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site