Donnafugata Castle

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Located in the district of the same name (Donnafugata), a few kilometers from Ragusa, is the castle of Donnafugata.

The castle nestled among the typical colors of the countryside of Ragusa, is surrounded on three sides by an immense historical park of about 7 hectares.

As for the origin of the name "donnafugata", despite the popular story about Queen Bianca di Navarra’s escape from the castle because imprisoned, the name actually derives from the Arabic term 'Ajn as Jafat', meaning a source of health.

The history of the castle, its beauty and its most experienced periods revolve around the figure of Baron Corrado Arezzo, a man devoted to culture, painting, music, poetry and even politics.

The baron’s passions, his refinement and relationship with the Viscount de Lestrade are evident throughout the hotel which has over 120 rooms spread over three floors.

The prestigious rooms are the music room (the oldest room in the castle with freshly renovated and painted walls using the 'trompe l'oeil' painting technique), the coats of arms room (whose walls are entirely covered with over 700 reproductions of coats of arms of the noble families of Sicily), the hall of mirrors, the art gallery (which contains several Neoclassical paintings and the bishop’s apartment.

Another interesting feature is the labyrinth, located in the park surrounding the castle. It is of a trapezoidal shape and made up of dry stone walls, very similar to the Hampton Court labyrinth in England.


UNESCO World Heritage Site


UNESCO World Heritage Site


UNESCO World Heritage Site


UNESCO World Heritage Site