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What to eat in Marina di Ragusa

The Sicilian wine and food tradition is one of the richest in Italy. Most probably the reason is connected to the influences of different people that dominated Sicily over the centuries. The culinary experiments that the chefs made were handed down from generation to generation and therefore today we can eat "ancient delicacies".

The eno-gastronomic tradition of Ragusa, which we in in the territory and therefore also in Marina di Ragusa, is rich in products and typical dishes that include appetizers, first and second courses, sweet and savoury baked pastries. Some of these products are eaten, mainly or exclusively, in some periods of the year and on festive occasions, while others we find them on the table all year round.

Starting from the first courses we suggest you try the cavati, similar to gnocchi but larger, filled with ricotta (in some areas) and usually seasoned with meat sauce, the 'ngallini, dumplings with pork sauce.

The turciniuna, on the other hand, represent a second typical Ragusa dish belonging to Easter period. These are lamb entrails mixed with onions, parsley, salt, pepper, caciocavallo ragusano cheese and various spices. 

A category that distinguishes Sicilian and Ragusa cuisine is formed by baked pastries. Go to a “rosticceria” and taste the scaccia, with different fillings: simple with tomato sauce, or with broccoli, or ricotta and sausage. At Easter try the 'mpanata, a kind of focaccia stuffed with lamb, which is baked inside the dough. 

The pride of Ragusa is the well known cosacavaddu, PDO cheese made from cow's milk, with its unique strong and spicy taste.

Finally let yourself be charmed by sweets. Most of the desserts in the area use ricotta as their main ingredient and consequently you can taste it in cannoli, cassata and sweet pastries. Among the biscuits taste the "mucatoli", a base of pastry without eggs whose surface is decorated with a hard sugar icing

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