Ragusa Ibla: the city of fifty churches!

Ragusa Ibla, more commonly called only Ibla by the locals, is the historical part of the city of Ragusa. Made famous by the TV series Montalbano, the town is now a center of study for fans of Baroque art. It is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places in the territory of the Iblei Mountains from which, among other things, the village takes its name.

Ragusa Ibla: monuments, events and other features

Among the main monuments of Ragusa Ibla, certainly the Cathedral of San Giorgio, which dominates the whole city from above. Its staircase, and the square in front of it, are the symbol of Baroque art. On the same square we can also see the wonderful Palazzo Arezzi.

As in the other cities of the Val di Noto, Ragusa Ibla also dominates the neverending alternation of narrow streets and majestic buildings. Here, however, you can also visit over fifty churches, all characterized by a history and architecture both worth discovering.

The artistic richness of Ragusa Ibla attracts hundreds of tourists every year to visit the village.

We recommend that you dedicate at least half a day to the oldest area of the city, called San Paolo. Here you will be fascinated by the stairs and houses built in the rock and by the silence.

Of course, the place is full of typical places where you can taste the traditional dishes of Ragusa Ibla and Sicily in general. For example, the village is well known for cuttlefish recipes. Among the desserts, we recommend cannoli or cassata, typical of the island.

On warmer summer days you can find refreshment in the Ibleo Garden, which takes its name from the mountains it overlooks. Built in the second half of the 19th century, it represents a corner of paradise for everyone among palm trees, avenues and fountains, among which to spend a few hours relaxing after lunch.

For the little ones (and not only) we have every year Ibla Buskers!It is a circus-based festival with jugglers, musicians and acrobats, from all over the world performing on the streets of the old city.

For those who do not know how to reach Ragusa Ibla, we point out that there is a dense network of connections that lead directly to it. From the main Sicilian airports it is possible to reach Ragusa by train or by bus. From here, numerous shuttles will take you to the ancient part of the city.

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