Punta Secca: not only the house of Montalbano!

Yes, it is precisely in the waters of Punta Secca that Italy's most beloved policeman has taken long and relaxing swims. Punta Secca, or "sicca" as the locals call it, is a village belonging to the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina, in the province of Ragusa. The location has become famous in the late years for being the set of the shooting of the TV series Il Commissario Montalbano.

Punta Secca: wonder beyond fiction!

Visiting Punta Secca is a pleasure for the eyes, the heart and the mouth! The coast of the village appears as a characteristic reef of rocks that makes its waters low and clear.

Not surprisingly, the peculiarity of the place is the breathtaking beauty of its sunsets! To be able to enjoy it to the fullest, we advise you to go to the Punta Secca beaches in the low season, to avoid the typical August crowd.

Village created by fishermen, the center of life in Punta Secca happens around Scalambri Tower. It is a defense building dated back to 1500, today a major tourist attraction also with a restaurant.

Among the things to see in Punta Secca, for sure the lighthouse, one of the largest in Europe, with its 35 meters height! In the first days of September, the building becomes the protagonist of a natural play of lights that, at sunset, enchants anyone in the surrounding area.

The beaches of Punta Secca are mainly two. The first, as said, is the beach of Montalbano, so called because, in the fiction, here is the house of the inspector. Next to the house of Montalbano there is the restaurant where the protagonist goes to eat. It is not uncommon to see citizens and tourists sitting in the restaurant to taste the famous macallè (fried cannoli stuffed with ricotta or cream) or the cucciddati (biscuits filled with dried fruit and cocoa).

Among the typical products of Punta Secca we also mention the so-called Santa Croce Camerina banana. It is a dessert that has nothing to do with the fruit, but takes its name because of the shape of the puff pastry stuffed with nutella and covered at will with pine nuts, cream, chocolate flakes and more.

Reaching Punta Secca is very easy. For those traveling by plane, from Catania or Comiso it is possible and recommended to arrive by bus or train to nearby Ragusa, and then continue to the village.

For those arriving by car, just follow the signs for Marina di Ragusa, an ideal location, among other things, to visit Punta Secca and its surroundings, given its proximity to many of the most beautiful coasts of the south-east of Sicily.

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