Marzamemi: the town which has fishing in its soul

Marzamemi is a seaside place in the municipality of Pachino in the province of Syracuse. Visiting Marzamemi means abandoning the frenetic rhythms of the city to dive into a relaxing environment that smells of sea. We are talking about an ancient fishing village: not surprisingly, it is said that Marzamemi has fishing in its soul!

Marzamemi: main attractions and typical products

Marzamemi, as previously mentioned, was born as a small fishing village. Afterwards, the village became a rich center, around the middle of the eighteenth century, when the construction of the famous Tonnara di Marzamemi was completed. The tonnara is still used today for tuna processing: this has made this place very famous in all of Sicily, in Italy, but also in the whole world.

Speaking of typical products of Marzamemi, it is mandatory to mention tuna. In this little corner of paradise you will find many tuna dishes, famous throughout Italy, such as the bluefin tuna bottarga or the ventresca. In honor of this fish, and the fish economy in general, the Blue Fish Festival is celebrated in Marzamemi at the end of June.

In the village there are, in addition to the Tonnara, also two other important monuments. The Tonnara Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Monte Carmelo and the Prince of Villadorata Palace.

You will notice, visiting the center, how Marzameni is strongly connected to the nearby center of Pachino, which is only 2 km away. The economic boom of Marzameni has made Pachino famous, thanks to another typical product from which it also takes its name: the Pachino tomato. Hence the fusion of the two products that have created famous dishes all over the world.

In Marzamemi, therefore, it will be possible to spend a holiday dedicated to the crystal clear sea, excellent cuisine and good wine. It is precisely in the surroundings of this location, in fact, that the famous red wine Nero d'Avola is born.

To reach Marzamemi, you can start from Marina di Ragusa, which is about an hour drive. The most direct roads are the SP49 and the SP22. For those wishing to go more calmly, but with a better view, it is possible to take the SP26 that runs along the coast.

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