Catania: beautiful as a rising Phoenix!

Catania is a city that has a very particular history. Not surprisingly, on the Porta Garibaldi, at its entrance, it praises the phoenix rising from its ashes. The city was in fact destroyed 9 times, mainly due to earthquakes and eruptions. After each tragedy, however, the inhabitants rebuilt it, more and more beautiful. Catania rises between the sea and Etna, characterized by a mild climate in winter and tropical in summer. It is undoubtedly the ideal destination for lovers of the sea and breathtaking excursions on the volcano.

Catania: main attractions and how to reach it

Despite all its reconstructions, Catania keeps the charm of the Baroque city, particularly widespread in Sicily. The current version dates back to 1693 when, for the last time, a violent earthquake devastated much of the island.

The symbol of the city is Piazza del Duomo, where you can admire the famous fountain with the elephant. This monument is the result of several rearrangements. In fact, there are different construction materials and different architectural styles.

From the square the most suggestive street of Catania starts. We are talking about the well-known Via Etnea, 3 km of tourist walk to the volcano, full of things to see and do along the way.

Another important monument of Catania is the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, a celebration to the patron Saint of the city: on 5th of February the feast is celebrated in honor of the Saint.

The markets of Catania are also very characteristic: the most famous are the Pescheria market and the cosmopolitan fruit and vegetable market called Fera 'o Luni.

Of course, for those who choose the city as a tourist destination, an excursion to Etna is mandatory. It is the highest active volcano in Europe, which attracts thousands of tourists every year for visits. Alternatively, you can visit the place through the panoramic Circumetnea Railway.

Catania, like many other places in Sicily, is also a gourmet city. Typical recipes of Catania are pasta alla Norma and the typical caponata. For the BBQ lovers, at night at the butchers’ you can savour the famous horse meat, that is another local specialty.

Other typical dishes are pistachio ice cream and arancini.

Catania Fontanarossa International Airport is an important airport in Southern Italy and one of the busiest in Italy. For this reason, reaching Catania is very simple, with direct flights from the main italian cities.

It is also possible to easily reach the city with your car, via a highway, by bus and also by train.

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