Caltagirone: discovering the city of ceramics!

Caltagirone, or as it was called by the Arabs "Rocca dei Giganti", rises above the sea level between Catania and Gela, in southern Sicily. Of Muslim origin, the city was set free in 1090 by the Normans. Then devastated by the earthquake of 1693, it was completely rebuilt in Baroque style. Visiting Caltagirone means walking in a place pervaded by history and magic, with a thousand charms to be lived and photographed.

Caltagirone: what to see, typical products, how to get there

One of the most important monuments of Caltagirone is the Cathedral of San Giuliano. Its blue and gold dome is 48 meters high. In the Ceramics Museum of Caltagirone you can then admire the masterpieces of this wonderful city of art.

Continuing your visit to Caltagirone, you will meet the Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, with its 142 steps covered with majolica tiles. If you visit the city in July, you cannot miss the Illuminations festival! During the event, candles are placed on each step that form a design, different every year, giving the impression that the lights are suspended in the air. It is a suggestive show known all over the world.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for what to do in Caltagirone during Easter time, we recommend that you participate in the characteristic feast of the Assumption, which is held two Sundays before Easter.

If you have planned a holiday in Caltagirone at Christmas, even in this case you will not be disappointed: you can visit the nativity museum, with its statues of all sizes and its reconstruction of the city's monuments!

Among the typical food products of Caltagirone you must absolutely taste the salted ricotta and the famous maccuverde, a soup of green beans, onion and fennel to be enjoyed all year round. If you want a dessert, almonds and cannoli,  both symbols of the whole island.

Caltagirone can be reached by car and train from the main Sicilian cities. If you prefer to travel by plane, several buses leave from the nearby airports of Palermo and Catania that will take you directly to the city center.

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Unesco World Heritage Site


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Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site


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Unesco World Heritage Site


Unesco World Heritage Site