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Ragusa, what to see in two days

You have a week holiday and you have to decide where to go. Today we suggest you book a ticket to Sicily and visit some beautiful cities in the south of the island such as Modica, Scicli, Marina di Ragusa and Ragusa.

In a week you will have enough time to visit them all with just a little organization. First of all, the starting point is to rent a car. The different towns are 15-20 kilometers away from each other but the public transport will not allow you to enjoy the most beautiful places.

Start from Ragusa.

Ragusa, what to see in two days.


Starting from High Ragusa go to Piazza San Giovanni to visit the famous Cathedral built in the eighteenth century in the late Baroque period. Admire the important façade characterized by six columns with Corinthian capitals that delimit three large portals and five windows; at the top the clock and the bell tower. Continue inside to see the statues of the Immaculate, the Baptist and John the Evangelist. Between the adjacent streets go down Corso Vittorio Veneto and see Palazzo Zacco, continuing on Corso Italia you will find Palazzo Bertini, Palazzo Lupis, Palazzo Garofalo, Palazzo Schininà. Take a walk in Via Roma that will lead you first to Piazza Liberta and then to Piazza Stazione.

Ragusa Ibla

Returning back and descending again Corso Italia, a staircase of 340 steps will lead you to the historic center: Ragusa Ibla. At the beginning of the descent on your right there is the characteristic Church of Santa Maria delle Scale from the original portal and the Gothic pulpit. Outside you will see an evocative view of the valley. Continue and merge immerse yourself in the lanes and alleys of the picturesque Ibla. The beautiful part of the visit is wandering, getting lost among houses and narrow streets. Continuing the journey towards Ragusa Ibla you can see Palazzo della Cancelleria, built in the first half of the eighteenth century, shortly after you will meet the Church of the Madonna dell'Itria with its colorful bell tower. Other examples of Baroque are Palazzo Cosentini, Palazzo Sortino Trono, the Church of San Giuseppe and the magnificent Cathedral of San Giorgio. The enchanting Duomo dates back to the 18th century and has a 43 m dome. and it is bordered by a wrought iron gate, above a stairway of 54 steps. Take a break at the Giardini Iblei (the public garden)

Marina di Ragusa

On the second day we suggest you have a nice day at sea in Marina di Ragusa.

 Marina di Ragusa is alive both in spring and in summer. In the first bright days of spring residents and tourists start to fill the streets of Marina di Ragusa for a walk by the sea or to eat an ice cream. In the summer, you can dive into a crystal clear sea and relax in the large beaches along the coast. 

There is no lack of bars, sandwich bars, takeaways, restaurants, pizzerias, American-bars where you can enjoy many nice moments. Continue your journey over Marina di Ragusa. Visit the nearby seaside villages such as Casuzze, Kaukana, Punta Secca.

After a day at sea between Marina di Ragusa and the surrounding area, stop by one of our holiday homes.

Enjoy your tour!

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